Sunday, 22 February 2009

Dartmoor Epic

Pete from Braking Wind had suggested a ride on Dartmoor, fine idea!
I drove down with Jasper (#1 son) and Harry (Jaspers buddy) to Pete's place near Bovey Tracey, to meet him and Emmet.

We rode down to Bovey, then up Lustliegh Cleave to Manaton,

THe woods were beautiful, sun spearing through the trees, mud and rock at grippy consistency, good temperature... big big climb to Manaton. Then round to Jay's Grave, and on to Hound Tor where someone had left some furniture in a field.

Ace! There was snow still lying up here too, so there was some slippy slidy falling off fun, before attacking the descent to Manaton. Hilarious Dartmoor rock chiutes and boulder rolling down off the moor and back home for cake.

Exmoor in winter

In between Christmas and New Years I got together with a couple of people I hadn't seen since quitting Bike Shed to become an instructor. We met up, did the usual twiddling around of cars and headed for Exmoor

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Carhampton, massive climb and massive descent to Dunster, up over the ridge and a rock crashing drop to Wooton Courtenay, back up and over and looping round home. 20 miles to the yard and 5500m of climbing according to Dan's GPS!

Exmoor = middle earth. If you look carefully you can see a hobbit riding his mountainbike up here
there was this sign saying unsuitable for motor vehicles....

singlespeed moving fast!

Below: helmet hair as a proof of ride quality!

some watery bint proffering a singlespeed out of a pond is hardly a sound basis for a government