Sunday, 30 August 2009

a strange find and a lucky one

Spotted this wierd thing in an access archway - it appears to me some kind of mutant push-trike.

Brian's bike: he had a fellow rider crash into his back wheel at a set of traffic lights (!) and his gear change went a little adrift, so we had a quick look. Fortunately I looked at the front of the bike as well as the back. The gear cable felt a bit iffy so I looked inside. It was down to two or three strands.
This happened as I pulled the cable through. Phew - caught it in time. This was a brand new cable only a couple of weeks ago, I guess the collision with his derailleur pulled the cable back hard enough to break the cable..

Thursday, 20 August 2009

A heroic bodge and a sad one

This home made recumbent is heroic! it's like a 'bent rat bike. the chainset at the sharp end has a triple on it, going down to five of the gears on a freewheel at the middle, the low ring of which runs the chain back to the ?six?seven? speed freewheel at the back wheel. I can figure out how many gears that works out as.

It has a bit of rusty pipe to steer with, and I think that might have been a life-jacket to sit on. A work of sheer brilliance!
This on the other hand is just poor. How the 'mechanic' who fitted these didn't realise that it was wrong, I don't know. Could have been dead wrong....

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A few wierd things from the coal face

You get some good odd things going adrift on bicycles. I thought I might post a few here.

This is a really well done bodge. Instead of using cable ties, we have a self-tapping screw holding the speedo mount on. If it was near the end of the bars, maybe OK, but right near the middle... I was scared by the potential for pain. Customer was advised strongly to get new bars, bet he hasn't.

The two above are of a pedal-powered narrow boat on the Kennet and Avon canal. HFCIT?
Arguably rather nice use of a brass hinge as as pannier and brake mount!! We did change this when it came in for a service.

August and not raining!

Took a day to go ride with number one son Jasper and his riding buddy Harry Bikehike is a brilliant routemapping site, by the way. check it out.

These are at the bottom of the long descent off south Hessary tor, which is rocky and quite technical - you have to focus ahead to get a good line, but keep aware of the 'baby's head' rocks just in front. Lots of little airs and big grins.

Shady woods and cool streams.
Especially this - the Devonport Leat. We dunked our heads in this to get refreshed. Lovely and cool.

This is a view of the gateway to MorrrrrDorrrrr, on the old railway line heading for Princetown.